About Us

About the Loot Hoarders

<Loot Hoarders> is a mythic raiding guild on the Kargath-US server. Following the decision by Blizzard to limit the highest level of raiding to strict 20-man teams, the guild was forged out of an alliance and then merging of two previously successful heroic 10-man raiding guilds, <That Guild> and <TBT>.

We maintain a semi-casual raiding schedule (three nights a week for two and a half hours per night) and don't indulge in particularly hardcore practices (we're pretty casual and laidback about loot distribution and we're likely to mock a raid member mercilessly even in the heat of an encounter if they particularly deserve it) yet we work to be as prepared as we can to play at a high level and clear current content (which, to us, means mythic difficulty) in a timely manner.

Both component raid teams have existed in various forms going back to late Classic and early Burning Crusade, so while not every member has necessarily been around since the Classic raiding scene, it is a guild of extremely veteran raiders. We have strong ties to each other in one way or another and we try to foster a social atmosphere, as raiding is most fun as a social, team game.

It's also fun because there are piles of loot to be stolen and distributed amongst ourselves. That must never be forgotten.

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