Guild Policy

Loot Hoarder Policies


expects its raiders (trial, provisional and core) to know their class and chosen specialization(s) in detail, as well as to keep their gear properly gemmed and enchanted. You will be Armory-stalked before being invited for a trial, so when applying to the guild, please log out of the game wearing your intended raiding gear rather than your patented PvP Fishing set. It's not necessary that you already be fully kitted out in the finest weapons and armor in the land, since a lack of gear is easily remedied whereas a lack of skill is not. However, we'd like to get a sense that you've put some effort into getting the best gear that's realistically available to you at the level of content you've had access to prior to applying to our guild.

It's mandatory that you have a working headset and the willingness to log into our Discord server so that you can hear all communication during raid nights. A functioning microphone and the willingness to talk on Discord is also useful for swift communication on your part, but not mandatory.

Trial applicants can expect at least a week of probationary raiding with the guild so that we can assess your play style, gear choices, and overall attitude to ensure that you will contribute at a high level to making dragons die, as well as fit into our team's culture. In other words, play well, be friendly, profit. It is possible, though generally not common, that we will need a second week of assessment before we make a decision, if there's some ambiguity in our minds after the first week. There will be no third week. For good or for ill.

We expect that once you're accepted into the guild, you come to the raid fully prepared with all the consumables necessary for raiding, such as food, flasks and potions. The guild generally does supply flasks and feasts, but we consider it good practice for each raider to have enough of their own consumables just in case we don't happen to have enough available in the guild bank, or if it is not reasonable to place a feast (for example, if everyone except you has a food buff).

As with most competitive raiding guilds, we attempt to make efficient use of our time during scheduled raid nights and, as such, we expect all of our members and prospective members to do the same so that we can clear our farm content quickly, leaving us as much time as possible for progression content. We ask that our raiders be online and available to join the raid group roughly 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the raid. If a wipe is called on a raid encounter, endeavor to die as swiftly and cleverly as possible unless you have some form of cheating death. Once you have died, wait to see if resurrections will be forthcoming from someone who avoided death, before you release. If no one avoided dying, minimize the time it takes you to release and return to our pre-encounter staging area and prepare to fight again.

Scheduled raids will start promptly at 8:30 PM server time on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, and conclude at 11:00 PM. If you cannot make a raid night, or you will be late, please let an officer know. We understand that sometimes emergencies happen in the non-virtual world but, barring extreme circumstances, we expect you to let us know ahead of time.  


Our guild name is actually a bit of a misnomer. It may suggest that we are very loot-focused but, in reality, we are far more driven by progression than loot acquisition and we are actually relatively laid-back when it comes to the shinies. In our 10-man incarnations, we operated largely by a (non)system that might be best described as "/roll and discussion"...that is to say, those for whom a piece of loot would be an upgrade would roll, with the highest roller having priority on the loot. However, since we're more focused on team progression than individual progression, raiders often were willing to hand the pieces off to others for whom it would be a larger upgrade, which prevented it from being a strict /roll system. Since the onset of Warlords of Draenor, we've been using the Personal Loot system introduced in Warlords of Draenor but we may return to our "/roll and discuss" roots in mythic difficulty.

With that said, whenever we're not using Personal Loot, trial members will get pieces of loot but only if core raiders don't need the loot for their main specialization gear sets. After core raiders have passed on the loot, any trial members will be given the chance to roll on it for their main gear sets. The same process will then be repeated for secondary specialization. If the loot has still gone unclaimed, it will be disenchanted (great shame) for the guild bank.

Despite the thematic fun we're having with our guild name, we don't look kindly on loot-based drama or extreme acquisitiveness. Although we roll for loot, we also try to be team-oriented—if you have already received a piece of loot that night or something would be a much, much smaller upgrade for you than someone else, we expect you to do what's best for the raid, and not what's best for your item level. Remember that loot doesn't actually do anything other than enable you, and us, to continue progressing through the tier. With better and faster progression comes the admiration of the World of Warcraft denizens, not your raw item level.

Lastly, trial members aren't eligible for mounts that drop in raids, unless no one else in the raid group needs it or wants it.


All of the members of this guild have worked to build a friendly core. We remain respectful to everyone in the guild at all times, whether they are a core raider or not. We ask that you, as a trial member or newly minted member, do the same. If you have a concern or issue with another member, or with the way something is being handled by the guild, please take it to an officer privately first, to let them try and resolve the problem.

This is a hobby for everyone in the guild, which means we're looking for low-stress entertainment and a social environment. That's a large reason why we're not very strict in our policies and lacking in very many explicit rules—we consider you to be a reasonable adult with similar aims. is a place that we spend a lot of time, when you add it all up, and the friendships created within a smoothly functioning guild are quite valuable, so we work hard to keep it running smoothly.

Now, after all that talk about lack of strictness and explicit rules, here are a couple that should probably be spelled out:

1. Please don't use any sexist, racist or homophobic terms or sentiments in public channels (including guild chat, raid chat, Mumble and the various world channels). While it should be clear under the previous provision, this includes using the term "gay" as a pejorative. We're aware that even some people who aren't explicitly homophobic have grown up using the term as a general insult, but equating "gay" with an insult is inherently homophobic and transgresses our policy about respect.

2. Our policies about respect extend beyond the guild. Please refrain from being rude, insulting or disruptive in channels with other people who aren't a part of our guild. This includes, but is not limited to, General, Trade and pick-up group chat lines. Even in interactions outside of our guild, you wear our guild tag and what you say and do reflects on the guild. Let us bask in your reflected nobility and goodwill, rather than feeling like you make our guild look like some kind of goon squad.

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